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Hi Wantomake,

it's been years now that I'm playing sometimes with some ideas, hoping to get rid of the heavy baterries. No success for me neither.

Being fed of browsing the internet for every "Lockridge" occurence that I could find, and these mostly describing again and again the same thoughts and considerations (but with no successfull replication in sight either), I always scratched my head about who, previously to the soldier Lockridge who found a device, could possibly have laid the bases for the device to exist.

Obviously, it had to be at least a german, or more broadly an european (Internet was quite...laggy in these days , and more : it was a severe war time and zone).

Bedini showed us that solid magnets weren't the path to follow for the Lockridge device (LD). He clearly stated that there was enough residual magnetism in electro-magnets to start with.

And lately, i just found this Ernst Werner von Siemens who's said to be the father of the self excitable dynamo-electric generator, in which the electro-magnets are gradually strenghtening their curent by reverse rotation !
Of course, one has to consider that von Siemens was thinking of rotating the shaft from an external source (pulley).

But, hey, can't we extrapolate better now, thinking about the LD with 2 electro-magnets poles pairs, which was enough to hand start, then was slowly, gradually, continuing to gain speed ? Any load had to wait for 10 minutes before it could be plugged in.

And Von Siemens states that his reinforcing current effect was obtained from the "reversed rotation" event... Remember that all the coils are in series, by each electro-magnet pair, relative to a facing drum on the turning shaft. ? (one can also think : by NS electro-magnetic circuit)

And LD had S/N/N/S poles arrangements ? Is that coincidence ?

I'm quite broke these days, and have no workshop at all. So I can just be dreaming.... But I can't help my mind racing...

Talented workmanship welcome ! Tests needed. Please help, pals.

Can we picture this with 90 apart electromagnets, S/N/N/S , with pairs made of opposite poles ?
M.E. Who else ?...

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