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There, he writes some broad considerations about his discovery :

(in the part about his dynamo-electric machine) :

from page 351 :
(...) the
question occupied my mind whether it would not be possible by suitable employment of the so-called extra current to intensify considerably the induction current.
It became clear to me that an electromagnetic machine, whose working power is very much enfeebled by the induced currents arising in its coils, because these induced currents considerably diminish the energy of the galvanic
battery, might conversely strengthen the power of the latter if it were forcibly turned in the opposite direction by an external force. This could not fail to be the case, because the direction of the induced currents was at the same time
reversed by the reversed movement. In fact, experiments confirmed this theory, and it appeared that there always remains sufficient magnetism in the fixed electro magnets of a suitably contrived electromagnetic machine to produce
the most surprising effects by gradually strengthening the current generated by the reversed rotation.
This was the discovery and first application of the dynamo-electric principle underlying all dynamo-electric machines.
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