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The world ruling party came on international media and stated
that even if Trump gets 1237 delegates WE WILL NOT permit
Trump to be the nomination.

The representative of the political voting system as you see it
said that the media narrative does not reflect the true process
of selecting a nominee.

The news person asked why we as Americans were holding
the primary elections then? He responded that he "did not
know" and went on to say that regardless of what the people
want, the system of election heads will not have Trump.

Basically that 'WE THE PEOPLE" mean nothing and that
the insiders will say who gets to be in the race.

If this happens, the American's will finally get the message
that we have lived under a dictatorship for generations.

The FEMA buses are warming up. Riot's will only be the
beginning. UN troops will gladly gas American baby like men
who let their women run their world.

As America falls you will have time to see the process
of HER collapse. America openly supports gays petting
our young boy scouts, in essence open pedophilia.

America aborts unborn children using the tissue for
lipstick and other products such as taste enhancement
for soft drinks.

When America does fall the Muslims will rape and murder
the Christians who populate this nation.

If Trump does win and become President he can not stop
the fall, we are degenerate. Trump might postpone it for awhile.


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