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PTB, Trump = violence

If you read "Brink of Oblivion" by Tom Bearden, he speaks about a weapon than can cause a heart attack from a distance. A heart attack is a myocardial infarction. The heart runs on electricity. Presumably, this hand-held weapon interrupts the electrical signals that fire the heart muscles.
Organized Mob Invades Trump Rally In Chicago - Rally Reset Organized by who?
Insane Site Tells Left Protesters Bring Guns To Trump Rallies
Black Mobs 50 Deep Urged To Provoke Trump Voters
And then; 3/12 Trump rallies are turning violent CNN

The PTB are showing more and more signs of desperation. Corporate welfare is 10 times the amount of welfare to the poor. The rich just tell the poor that trump will cut off their money. The poor are incited to violence. What a perfect time to use a non-traceable weapon to cause a BAD "medical condition"
NOT death, mind you. Complete disability.
I expect the violence to get much worse as Trump becomes more popular. 51% of Americans receive a check from GOV. FED GOV writes 80 million checks a month. I'm sure that millions of these people can be stirred up to where, appearances by Trump will be steeped in violence. The rich don't care if they tear the country apart,,, just so long as the checks keep coming.
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