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Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
America got off to a pretty good start.

We must always have a common enemy to bind us together out of fear.

We definitely radicalised a LOT of people.

Trump talks about getting along with everybody. The war profiteers are livid with anger and hatred. I wouldn't want to be on the same plane as him.

Let me start by saying that this is all going as master plan.
For those who don't see this or understand that statement
I can see how they might become worried.

Now without being to long winded let me say that
"IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE" and this is the best
path to safety, what do I mean?

Trump had a Father who was part of the Bros....... before
he was born. Fathers having children who operate from within
the confines of the Brotherhood always leak some information
to children, no matter how secret.

By money, position, power associations Trump was warned
and schooled by his father to be free. Success was imparted
to sonny boy bright as well.

We are all on the brink of complete FBI meltdown. The past
60 years has brought about massive corruption as the dinosaur
FED's are slipping up really bad. They are older than Hillary and
she reeks of walking dead.

Obama will be going to jail as well.

Trump on the other hand has watched the country travel
to the bottom with the decline of prosperity. If you look
back to the 1980 interviews of Trump that are on line you
will see him making all of the same statements he is making
as runner for President as he did then.

Trump has been saying everything you hear for 40 years.

Trump has watched the fall of America from within the
blood sucker camp and he never did business that way.

However he has done his share of youthful stupid just like
all of us. Trump is going down sure, he is old, RIGHT?

Trump is going down alright, GOING DOWN IN FLAMES>

We are going to see great things.


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