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The ESTABLISHMENT is protecting HILLARY and attacking Trump.

Hillary will look like Barbra Bush in a few short years.

Hillary for Prison makes the most sense. The Dirty FBI behind the
Clintons are aware of the CLEAN FBI and they all know one
another. Insiders know who THEY are and what THE DIRTY
FBI is like.

THEY are waiting THEIR time, when the time is right THE CLEAN FBI
will have no problems doing THEIR job on THESE FILTHY PEOPLE.

THANK GOD there are still many young men and women in this
Christian country who will never submit to evil though they are
exposed to evil from within THEIR own ranks.

Think about the letters FBI, people who are either hiding
behind the idea of doing service for GOD and Country or
those who really are PURE. Wen you as an FBI agent has that
much power you begin to realize how easy it is to do whatever
you please and get away with it.

Absolute POWER and this is why a great number of FBI are very
corrupt. The money is easy, killing is a way of life and glorified.

The DIRTY FBI also serve the dark lords of the spirit, killing
or blood lusts are part of THEIR being. THEY must fulfill that
feeling periodically. Special forces will agree that once killing
has been done that these people will change.

I have witnessed this change in returning VETS who rejoice
is THEIR metals with blood in their eyes. DIRTY FBI is the same
way. Most of you have no clue what I am talking about.

Let me spell it out for you, once the line is crossed and killing
becomes part of a person they can never function in normal
society. This is most often restricted to special forces who
gain employment in other civilian special opts law enforcement.

I call these DIRTY FBI because they MUST kill to get fulfillment
in life. Even though the dirty FBI and the CLEAN FBI have a lose
association with one another, the CLEAN FBI can not stand the
filthy stench of the EVIL members.

The showdown has come. You are watching the ESTABLISHMENT
attack TRUMP on every front with everything they have got because
THEY are afraid to be put in prison for the rest of THEIR lives.

The Nations people of the world have had enough.


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