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It's not over til the fat lady screams

I'm going to make a qualified prediction. The FBI got burned pretty good when building 7 went down. The intelligence agencies are really pissed off about the private e-mail server. Clinton's phone conversation with her daughter about Benghazi was released much to her embarrassment. There are tons of incriminating documents and records being released. The Hildebeest is secretary of State but, the State dept is releasing incriminating info. I think that the soul-less female dog has made very powerful enemies in the intelligence agencies.
She killed Ambassador Stevens to make points. She over rode the military to destroy Libya. This created a safe-haven for ISIS. She has pissed off the military, foreign service and the secret service.
Intelligence has ALL the dirt on her.
The old guard is closing ranks against Trump and behind the Hildebeest. What could all the dis-affected people in GOV do against her? Keep in mind that our current welfare-warfare State is collapsing. FED GOV has $ 212 trillion in unfunded liabilities. THAT INCLUDES GOV PENSIONS.
GOV employees are more likely to salvage some kind of pension with Trump than they are with the hildebeest.

Imagine that the momentum behind Clinton keeps growing. Things look better and better for her. She gets the money backing. She gets the nomination. At the critical moment, she gets indicted. Judge Warns Hillary "Should Be Terrified" After Justice Grants Email-Staffer Immunity | Zero Hedge

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