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Morin Transformer

Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Hello 10K

3 things.

(1) washer pump generator energy experiment video's

(2) Pole pig HV energy multiplication

(3) Larger washing machine pancake motor generator's

I guess it depends on which one we focus on. In my understanding
of Gerard's work on (1) we see several men making advances using
this type of energy effectively and so it is with so many available
projects on the web.

Next is (2)

The information became available through MARC B. and we saw that
this phenomena has been witnessed by others tho it maybe to dangerous
to foster a group of trainees to learn as we might only be recruiting
the unaware for a death sentence.

Conclusion? Yes it has been done and is repeatable.

Next is (3)

Gerard is now working on another motor generator combination that
has been much harder to complete. In this instance the setup needs
more than just a simple motor coupled up to a simple motor acting as
a generator. It requires expensive controllers and I say controllers
plural because everyone is struggling to find the best way.

Pulse DC or a modified sinewave or a pure sinwave? And then most of
what I can find is running at 12vdc to 36vdc that is inexpensive. Like
we see on electric E-bikes and scooters. Some as high as several hundred

I know, I work on these washing machine motors for a living and you can't
find an easy circuit to power these pancake motors at the 120 volt AC
input rating that they are designed for.

Some are clipping the windings and paralleling to lower the voltage while
others are going to a large corporation to get a custom made device. This
is what Gerard is going through at the moment. How do I know? Because
I have been through that dress rehearsal many times. So I can simpathize.

Recently Gerard has come out in video stating that is simply showing
his progress on his motor generator designs and welcomes others idea's.

Let me know if I have not answered maybe a more specific question you
might have had. To summarize, motor generators are and have been a
popular way of creating reactive power by tuning each individual motor
and motor acting as generator's coils. Matching or adjusting speed, voltage
that limiting current to get a resonance of one form or another.

Gerard has his hands full finding what he needs to complete what might
have looked like a rather reasonably reachable accomplishment so we will
I can see a lot of things happening here and how folks can easily discredit claims by many, especially of how the transformer tests were shown by Gerard to output "overunity" as he shows. I think the largest dispute folks have with it is the fact that he shows the devices working without testing each device separately to confirm the devices literally use what is stamped on their labels. Power factor has a little bit to do with it, however, the theoretical approach of V x I is good enough for myself as it is always very close, and, much more believable than the stamped labels are. The stamped labels are a sales pitch for devices at best, especially for high powered stereos and the hammerheads who buy them that are in need of really loud music , so, we will not use stereos or amps as an example.

Let's start off and say I have a very valid test video that I'd like to subject a drill to the test and see what it's actual wattage is. It would be a bad device to use because inductive loads vary with power factor more than resistive loads, however, if the labeling was correct, it would be much more helpful for these tests, but, they are not. In most cases, these drills are rated much higher than what they use, and, it is for the simple fact that inductive devices can use much more load under strain when the power factor is not good, and, if they are good power factors, the load will be much less at start up, and, overall seem much more efficient, zippy, etc. I will also stay away from motorized tools for my test subjects, and, the overall best devices to use are resistive, but, bad choices are heaters and I'll tell you why.. They are sold with the sales pitch again to some of us looking for a heavier load to make it hotter for our garages, or, a lower and more efficient device to save electricity. The best device pound for pound that can be used for testing anything is a load box, (resistor box) that has been tested to verify it's within it's labeled calibration so we know what to expect. For smaller tests, normal resistors rated for the wattage we will expect to draw will suffice.

Gerard would have best been able to show his viewers without much doubt that he could run a resistive device , such as a stove element, or, a very high powered resistor to prove it is exactly what he said. If he had a 150 ohm resistor, we could all do the math to see what the outcome would be, making it at least a little bit believable. I think there is one thing or effect he did hav that did open our eyes.. That is the measurment from the laser thermometer. If I had the same response using conventional power, I would have stopped the test, however, I did not do so. I tested while my McCulloch generator ran for all of 3 minutes and was never able to test again on film, but, I did get a rather unusual response , and, I did get the output to multiply, however, it wasn't anywhere near the levels claimed by the stamped plates on his devices.

I did see the temperature hit -20 during the summertime on the HV bushing, then, I verified by getting the same reading + or - a degree by aiming toward the sky. When the conventional energy from my Briggs & Stratton generator was fed to the secondary terminals, then jumping from one generator to the next by the hv coils, the temperature reading was a standard reading of the actual bushing temperature, not negative.

By the time I reconnected to try to add more load and reconnect the McCulloch, the carb was pouring gas out of it and I never got it started again. I have yet to rebuild the carb because Ive been too busy with other projects and work, so, I may just drop it off and have it done at a power products shop to get it right the first time when I have a chance to do so. I had somebody offer me one of theirs, but, they never replied. I am still willing to pay them for the shipping, in fact I will do so if they bring it to UPS, however, UPS will require it to be emptied of fuel and probably oil as well, which is ok by me. I will replicate it anytime if somebody wishes to send one to me.. I have the cans still set up, ready to go!

I did find when I did this that my little heater claims to be 1500 watts output max. I see exactly 800 watts rms, as seen in my Pelex video. I am going to refilm all of my videos that really perform, and Pelex is my most prestigious device, and I have very easily self looped it once I added a cap to gain a resonant rise, but, it releases a strange pulse of emf per cycle that emits some sort of unknown wave that eliminates cellular all the way to my neighbors homes, and, it shuts down their wifi. I've tried to have a very famous college do a study on the device and they were not able to determine the type of energy emitting from the case even when grounded. Its not radioactive, not alpha or beta, nor gamma or xray, and it isn't rf since the device rings at 60 hz and has a fairly clean sinewave. My investor wants out now, so, I may sell his portion back to him, however, I haven't determined if the wave is dangerous or not, however, I am still here, but I havn't operate Pelex in months because I took it apart so if it were stolen, I wouldn't lose anything!

I have however been having a lot of luck with my Don Smith modules. I have started to make the table top device and have found that Don's was a demonstration hoax, so, I found that Don's coils could never have resonated anywhere near the frequencies he claimed unless the Bertonee NST fed the system with a much different output frequency. I used exactly the same L1 winding as Don, amp king 8 gauge wire, and the inductance was around 1.5 uh and the .2 uF capacitance would never resonate at 35.1 khz, no matter what the NST had for capacitance because it is isolated with a diode! it would resonate at more like 290.5 khz . Don's L2 winding was capped for resonance across only one of the coils, however, the coils were put in parallel later isolated by diodes, so, I am only stating the inductance would be for 1/2 of the coil, which would be 10.95 uH and the capacitor he used was a .47 uF cap. The resonant frequency for this combo is approximately 70,155 hz or70.15 khz... again, off drastically, but, enough to get my light bulb to light a little bit, so, something was going on and it wasn't to do with resonance. I found a lot of luck using the B&W coil with 60 turns @ 70 uH and it is 10" and 3" in diameter. I separated the coil into two pieces precisely and found that .3 uF is my resonant frequency for both the primary and secondary. I made a pancake coil for the primary and it outputs serious power, but, I never finished that.

The first .1 uf caps I used were similar to what he said, and before I found the company who literally made his capacitors for $50 each, I bought mine from ebay for $8 each and they burnt up at 4200v very easily since I wasn't monitoring the voltage. I have since found the real caps and if anybody wants to buy some., I will be selling them on Ebay very shortly for my cost. These capacitors have something magical about them.. it is the finest mica cap I have ver used, however, they are true self healing caps that are truly manufactured with serious precision and are of the finest quality. They are no longer Cornell Dubier, I have been working with them for a while since I've owned and operated Advanced Electronic for 6.5 years online, and only recently have shut the online store down when my Dad passed away since I just haven't had time to run it since I took over the family electrical construction business. So, I get the best of both worlds, quality electronic components from anybody I need in bulk, and electrical distribution and transmission products of any kind I ever need , that's why I have stated that I can acquire any transformer that anybody needs, from massive generating plant transformers to pole type and padmounts for URD systems.. we do it all!!

Best Regards,
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