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No suicidal war this week.

China has sent an aircraft carrier and a guided missile cruiser to the Russian port in Syria at Tartus. A Chinese aircraft carrier docks at Tartus, Syria to support Russian-Iranian military buildup | JEWSNEWS They couldn't be ANY clearer about their intentions and allies.
NATO had this to say; "Washington has made it clear to Ankara that “you guys are on your own and if you are stupid enough to send your forces into Syria and you get hit by the Russians, don’t expect NATO to come to the rescue,” Jatras said."

Erdogan was talking about blocking the Bosporos to prevent the Russian navy from transiting to the Black Sea. Greece stepped in and offered their warm-water ports. This shows that various States are starting to pull away from Pox Americana.
Kerry, in a fit of stupidity said that: if Russia blocks the terrorists (freedom fighters) in Syria, HE will partition Syria himself. He's been drinking the Netanyahoooo Koolaide
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