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Nutcasses in Turkey and idiots in France

"The U.S. will have to act within the next 24 hours, on their own, if they are to be seen as the force they are now claiming to have been all along - See more at: The Turning Points Are Here
,,,raise the temperature toward the global-war that no one with any sense wants to ever see—but only time will tell over the next 24-48 hours,

Erdogan's Plan - Islamic Empire…Or Armageddon
Russia Calls UNSC Mtng To Stop Turkey From Invading
NATO Warns Turkey It Won’t Support Conflict With Russia Good news
'Moscow Must Stop Supporting Assad - France buncha idiots
"All Israel Within Range Of 100,000 Hezbollah Missiles" Plus 110,000 Iranian missiles. That could get messy.
5,000 ISIS Militants Trained In Syria, Iraq Walk Free In Europe That could get messy.
France, "He said: "In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year." ( in mosques) That could get messy.
"Saudi Halts $3b Military Aid To Lebanon" No kidding. They must have finally figured out that aid to Lebanon was going straight to Hezbollah.
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