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The defence industry,,,, a jobs program

A major part of the American economy is dependent on the war industries. The cold war was an ongoing jobs program. Obummer has a military budget that is near an all-time high even though the economy is tanking;
The F-35 is a total P.O.S but, we are going to buy tons of them. It (originally) didn't matter if they were good planes or not,,,, as long as they created jobs.
Now that Russia is kicking butt, aircraft performance has become important again.
Look at the headlines and think, "jobs programs".
Russia-NATO Relations At New Cold War Level
Why Is America Restarting Cold War With Russia?
World is fighting a new Cold War, Russia's Medvedev says
Russia Concerned With NATO Buildup On Russian Borders

That's not to say that things couldn't blow up into outright war. Erdogan and the Sauds are total nutcases.
US Risks Turning New Cold War Into A Nuclear One
Limited Nuclear War Within 18 Days If Saudis Invade Syria
President Assad Vows Recapture Of Entire Nation Syria
US Condemns Assad Vow To Free Syria From Terrorists
Joint Turkish-Saudi Assault On Syria Now Imminent
Turkey, Saudis May Launch Ground War On Syria
Saudi Jets To Fly Missions In Syria From Turkish Base
Saudis In Syrian War Would Risk Russian Wrath
Russian Warns Against Syrian Conflict Igniting WW 3
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