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Here is another example of AUL Acceleration Under Load
using a monopole Motor and high impedance Generator
coils. Whenever we have made Bedini coils following
instructions we use a set length of 130 feet of twisted
wire and if the generator coil length instruction is
followed, you end up with a much bigger coil. It dawned
on me that John bedini has been Accelerating his monopoles
under loaded conditions using the high impedance generator
coils, just like we see with the Thane Heins approach.

It is my belief that John Bedini explains things differently
than does Thane Heins but both are operating the same
principle to extra energy.

If anyone remembers how that the generator coils were
much longer and thinner wire. This means that the more
power that is extracted (To a Point) from the generator coils
the more the rotor accelerates and the more energy is
generated for output. It's been right under our noses
all of the time and because very few people followed through
with adding generator coils, little information is available
on the similar effects Thane is reporting.

Notice the 3 generator coils in the video.


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