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In these pictures the rotor on the back is incomplete.
The holes are drilled but the magnets are not yet installed.
The rotor plate is also moves back so we can SEE.

Thane is showing progress. But the important thing is that
we envision the 24 magnetic pole alternating N to S on
each side and the opposite ends of coils have the rotor 1
magnet out of sinc with the other side.

In other ways of stating this the opposite ends of all coils
have an opposite pole magnet passing by it to produce an
AC wave. Yet the coils do not operate all by themselves.

The coils are a set of two as shown in the patent. Not
one coil passing over one magnet, no, that is not how it is.

Each thing we talk about is based on some past innovation
in motor design and what Thane has done is to combine as
many of these improvements as possible into his systems.

The patent declares that one or two is responsible for the
higher result when the rest of the story remains to be scene
only by those who are applying themselves in this work.

Special wire (Superconductors Type) special cores but the
delayed lenz to be calculated based on timing that will assist
motor action.

Without numbers we are building a radio without a tank circuit
and trying to find a radio station we like.

I am trying to think this through and will be back with some math.
Thane specifically pointed out one of his devices operating at a
78 degree phase shift delayed coil action.

Another video Thane comes back and shows a great big ReGenX
coil that he says is only 2 ohms and works well. Others are 3,4,5,6
ohm coils but the timing is a relationship between motor coil
timing and RegenX/Assisting coil timing to get that phase angle.



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