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lets say we had the proper HTS magnet wire and the right
core material for producing or replicating the AUL effect that
lowers input power while assisting rotor torque.

I didn't say just AUL I said AUL that LOWERS input power and
assists rotor torque.

I didn't say having just AUL or acceleration under load.

This brings me back to the BiTT work that I did for understanding
the ReGenX coil arrangements. Unless you can see the effect
with the BiTT, I don't feel that you have started from the beginning.

The BiTT operates at 60hz on a completely different type of
core material than conventional cores use yet everyone insists
on using just whatever they have kicking around wondering
why their rig was a flop.

The BiTT and ReGenX use a phase shifted voltage to current
reactive power and the BiTT uses 3X-5X the number of turns
on a core that requires this. WHY?

The BiTT is an AC transformer so pole reversals are continuous.
The ReGenX coils are AC and poles also constantly reverse yet
special transformer core materials such as grain oriented are
used to reduce heating, WHY?

I have AC coils that magnetize any metal around it. WHY?

WHY do conventional cores operating in AC still need special

If you have a set of 2 or 3 homemade motor coils for motoring
running at .5 milliseconds at 3600 RPM'S which in some cases
are where convention coils run, what coils calculation would
you show to assist that timing?

Multiple choice: @3600 RPM

A: a coil that has a 10 millisecond TC

B: a coil that has a 3 millisecond TC

C: a coil that has a 5 millisecond TC

At what phase angle would you want your assisting coil to

Would it be 45 degrees?

Would it be 75 degrees?

Would it be 90 degrees?

Would it be 180 degrees?

Depending on which value you have chosen will give the proper
coil dimensions, number of turns, size and type of wire.

If I have a coil and magnet interacting every .5 milliseconds
somewhere in between the time it takes to get from point A to
point B my calculation for assisting will be made.

If I have a .5 millisecond motoring coil timing and I use a
5 millisecond Regenerative coil in the experiment, at what
phase angle will this 5 millisecond coil enter into the equation?

Will it come into play 5-10 poles down the line?

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