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Hello experimenters

I have a start for doing the math on the rotor. First we must
have something to start with and that is 1" magnets. Next we
need the number of poles. After that we must consider the
thickness of the magnet holders at 1/8th inch or 3mm. This
gives us a 6mm or 1/4" gap between magnets.

Next we can multiply 1.25" X 24 magnets = 30" dia. at the
center of the 1" magnets. This leaves 1/2" to the outside
of each magnet plus another 1/4" for an edge X 2 = an
additional 1.5" on to 9.6" = 11.1"

In other words 9.6" is the dia. at the center of the magnets

like this

1.25" magnet and gap X 24 = 30"

also found by trial

9.6" X 3.14 PIE = 30"

That is all for now, next we will need to look at the core area
and also the gap between magnet and core. Also remember that
the magnet holders might be used to shield so the magnets sitting
next to one another are not interacting with one another all of the
time. The goal is to have North and South pole magnets interacting
with core and coil only.

Think about how strong those bad boys are then look at the fields
as they lay by each other WITHOUT shielding, then add shielding.

Metal shielding can also redirect flux for a greater concentration
on one side, the side we are working with, unless of course you
want a double open end and that is fine. More possibilities later
as they all come to mind.


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