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For those of you who are not sure about the basic coil theory and
terms such as cemp or bemf and many other speculative
declarations look at these simple diagrams for a more practical
side that will allow you to start building right away.

Unless this teaching is followed to the letter the input current
will climb out of control, the input current will drop if done
as follows and the output coils will assist rotor torque while
collecting huge sums of power returned to the battery.

You will need to take notes on this video.
Critical minimum freq and low resistance, high impedance are
all important thoughts. Self induced capacitance.

Equal and Equal reaction. Delayed Lenz.

I recommend that each diagram have hand written notes.

Unless each step is followed you will come back thinking
that acceleration under load is a meaningless operation.
Don't be like all the rest. Build yours today.

This man is building his empire on this simple thought.

In his case patents are not put together to hide his work along
with supplemented video instruction. He is safe this way.

Safe from attack because he has given away his work for free.

If you didn't know Thane was in EE college that told him that
his experiments were wrong. It was his experiments that produced
the innovation, not the school books


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