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You should understand.
I LUCKED into something with the 3BGS setup. The addition of the boost module came because I asked Matt if there was a way to increase the voltage hitting battery 3 to make sure it charged and he came up with that boost module circuit. It works like a charm.

Then jettis showed that you could cascade the system and run multiple motors for FREE. I had actually built the same circuit, but never even bothered to do the measurements and did not realize that the other motors were running for nothing.

The generator, the circuits, pretty much everything I have built is because of Matt Jones. He patiently walked me though building my very first device, which was his "simple motor," and I'm sure I drove him nuts with all my stupid questions and inability to do even the most basic things. I have learned a lot, but it is Matt I go to when I have questions, which is almost daily, and he sets me straight. HE is way farther down the road on this stuff than I will ever be. When I have some wild idea, like this magnetic neutralization thing, it is Matt who tells me it will or won't work, and when it will, he is the one who always figures out the best way to implement it. Or he builds the circuit that DOES it, and I just replicate. I've mentioned a couple things here that DO work. Poor Matt has suffered through my enthusiasm about a hundred others that did not! LOL. And he hasn't killed me yet.

There are lots of things about this 12 coil setup I have learned the hard way, and it's funny, but when you have struggled and fought and suffered to figure something out, you kinda WANT others to go through some of that same struggle and pain so that they will APPRECIATE what they have when they get it. So I understand where erfinder is coming from when he doesn't want to just GIVE stuff away to people who have not done the work and have NO appreciation for the time and the cost and the frustration that has gone into making something work. But I poke at him anyway, mostly because I am a pain in the butt.

But then I think about how important it is that some of this stuff get out there. And the necessity of that is way bigger than any one of us.

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