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That video you posted was one of the very first versions of my generator. I eventually changed how the coils are held because that way did not work. I have also changed the coils themselves. I also have modified the circuit making it much simpler. You should take a look at what has been done with the basic circuit. I need to do some serious testing over time, but it is looking like when you cascade that circuit with efficient boost modules, you pay a small price to run ONE motor (primary two goes down a bit, but battery 3 charges) ANY ADDITIONAL MOTORS you hook in will run for free. So If you have several motors running generators like the one I built, you can run all but one for free, and one primary battery will go down in charge but battery 3 will go up. That's the way it APPEARS. I need to do some long term testing, and I will get to that one of these days, but even if there are more losses than what there appear to be, you get 2500 watts out of every generator that is running. How many of those do you need to keep three 12 volt batteries charged? Or to loop the system?

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