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All men have gifts and the desires they have to achieve
the end goal of any experiment is part of the gift. Where it
comes from no one knows, but one thing I will tell you is that
the gift giver is never limited by those who have just one.

There are 100's of gifts so get over it people. You will never
be just like the next person. Just relax and enjoy their gift

If we are to ever understand new ways to get the extra energy
come from wherever it may, we will need first a list of parts and
a teacher who can show a working example.

Spending thousands is not the mark of higher learning, unless
you can show it working. Another man may show his works on

But one thing is sure, without an advanced builder who has
already done it can show that the system design functions
as stated (If anyone really understands the endless chatter)
then followers will be far and few between. Let's face it most
people want to build something that has at least enough
left over power to light a bulb.

If any inventor of any system can show a working example
and does not hide the parts list, that man will lead the majority
of experimenters in that field.

Gerard has a heart to share and give, no hidden gimmicks, no
secrets just a willingness to help other understand COLD LECTRIC.

Well maybe we will call it GERARD LECTRIC

After 20-30-40-50-60 plus years no one can show an overunity
example, just endless builds that may or may not do anything, on
a find out for yourself basis. Let a dumb ash follow that.

I hate lies and trickery.That is what Gerard is saying.
His first unit cost $40 to build so this is a more realistic price tag.
Plus Gerard is not afraid of the camera.

Gerard is open and worth following, period. Marc B. also is a good
experimental researcher to follow. Marc understands Gerard's systems.

We are still learning, trying to find just one good example, you and I
need this talk about Tesla's Key. Thanks Gerard.

Here he is "IT'S ME AGAIN"
Great inequality exists in the world today, sheet on the little man.
Down where we live guys.

A tough dude who talks like a trucker. Great frustration.

The Key Element of Tesla's Discovery


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