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Originally Posted by Bertoa View Post
@BroMikey. Thanks for this great thread. It is exactly the theme I am exploring in my test setup. I choose for a linear motor/generator to make the process more clear. I follow your claim 2: Parallel wound, series connected bi-filar wound motor (and generator) coil. The change I made was to use an assembled 'rotor' magnet. Which means I glue'd 2 magnets in repulsion together. The effect this has at the generator and motor coil I have still to investigate. Till now i have to note that with the repulsion magnet, the resonator 'falls' in a stable 'high' resonance of 20Hz; at the same time the input current sinks with a third.
This video of today shows the behavior of the magnet and pickup coil.

WOW, yes much more to gain. Thank You also and please post all of
your work here. I thought I was the only one who wants to push
strong magnets together in cancellation to flip their polarity with a
small input. I like your way very much

What I have been thinking is to use some NEO's (Like you did) AND
some RUBBER magnets AND some CERAMIC magnets to stack them
also using spacers, also using thin pieces for shields to push the
field around to the pushing pressure is on the verge of flipping
the polarity so I can use a small coil spike to TRIP the magnetic
FLIP that would instantly return to normal after the spike from the
coil collapse.

The idea came from JOHN BEDINI the koolest guy on the planet.

Show me more, I love it, this is the right way.
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