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Originally Posted by gotoluc View Post
Well, you obviously know what I want and everyone else who are doing the hard work. The thing is, we are possibly not where you are. So do share to help us reach that place were we don't need a scope to see the results... or else, what's the point of telling use we are not seeing what we should be seeing if we can't see it?
Do you think telling us this over and over will help?
So far you haven't shared or made obvious anything I'm not aware of.
So if you're tired of the loop throw in something new.



What I would like to see you test more then anything is the effect adding a permanent magnet to back end of the coil core would have, if any, on the distance the output coil would need to be from the magnet rotor to achieve AUL wave reflection. Can you try this for us please with both polarities?

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