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Originally Posted by gotoluc View Post
Okay, what is practical in your opinion?

I'm not positive about Erfinder, but I can tell you what I'd be impressed with:

A device, started with a pull string, that runs up to some predetermined RPM and stays constant. This device can be connected to a water pump via the shaft and the RPM will remain constant. The device also has electrical connections that can be connected to a heater element and will continue to maintain the same RPM and provide constant electrical power. Or you can do both electrical and mechanical at the same time. Call it an all-purpose power plant.

Erfinder highlighted something I think is really important:

"This can be done using a small amount of power from an external source providing voltage while the coil itself will add the amperage resulting a magnification process."

I partially understand it, but I think a little more verbiage will help nail it down. Where do we add this voltage and how?
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