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Here is another design where Regen coil impedance is set to
supply power to a charging circuit to send power back to the drive
battery while the vehicle accelerates down the road as usual.

The normal operation of the DC drive motor is not effected by this
form of coil recovery system. Instead of shorting the GEN coils and
simply assisting the rotor by adding speed and power directly, this
design sends power back to the battery.

Luc has done us a great service by showing the effects of high
impedance coils from A-Z. A random drawing of lots for selecting
coil impedance not based of a wide range of variables might leave
us with conflicting data.


This is fine for testing but ultimately the shortest distance at the exact
impedance to manifest the critical minimum effect will lower over all
losses for the end produce.

But we needed LUC'S learning tool to get us years into the future
on this project. Quick and painless adjustments to show that in
every case the phase delay is not the only consideration though it
is the primary one.

The system principles never change, just the way you choose to use

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