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What is JURISDICTION? What is JURISDICTION? definition of JURISDICTION (Black's Law Dictionary)

The power and authority constitutionally conferred upon (or constitutionally recognized as existing in) a court or judge to pronounce the sentence of the law, or to award the remedies provided by law, upon a state of facts, proved or ad- mitted, referred to the tribunal for decision, and authorized by law to be the subject of investigation or action by that tribunal, and in favor of or against persons (or a res) who present themselves, or who are brought, before the court in some manner sanctioned by law as proper and sufficient. 1 Black, Judgm.

What is FOREIGNER? What is FOREIGNER? definition of FOREIGNER (Black's Law Dictionary)

In old English law, this term, when used with reference to a particular city, designated any person who was not an inhabitant of that city. According to laterusage, it denotes a person who is not a citizen or subject of the state or country of which mention is made, or any one owing allegiance to a foreign state or sovereign. For the distinctions, in Spanish law, between "domiciliated" and "transient" foreigners,see Yates v. lams, 10 Tex. 108.

What is ALIEN? What is ALIEN, N? definition of ALIEN, N (Black's Law Dictionary)

A foreigner ; one born abroad; a person resident in one country, but owing allegiance to another. In England, one born out of the allegiance of the king. In the United States, one born out of the jurisdiction of the United States, and who has not been naturalized under their constitution and laws. 2 Kent, Comm. 50; Ex parte Dawson, 3 Bradf. Sur. (N. Y.) 130; Lynch v. Clarke. 1 Sandf. Ch. (N. Y.) 068; Lyons v. State, 67 Cal. 380, 7 Pac. 703.

What "Subject to the Jurisdiction Thereof" Really Means

Pipelow (in his own words) only assumes the body slid out because when he walked to the other side part of his body was out. This differs with the detective's notes on Pipelow. He makes sure we know that KJ slid out of the mat while it was being set down. Both of his arms were below his head and that's important. The width of his shoulders would prevent his body from sliding out, not to mention the shoes being crammed against his legs.

It appears that KJ's killers wanted the body found in a position consistent with a PA death but the cops disagreed, possibly because people might think if he got out that far then he could've gotten completely out. The crammed shoes would secure the body from moving and prevent gravity from tipping the mat.

"About 2 ft down the inner hole" matches the position it was photographed on the ground. That combined with the crammed shoes, pretty much seals the deal as to what position the body was really found in. Kendrick Johnson's upper body was sticking out of the mat in the vertical down position and was secured by his tennis shoes he wore when entering the gym. They likely thought it too crazy to photograph it that way and decided to have a teacher pull it down and pretend he slid out. Great plan, if not for those damn shoes.


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