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Thomas Joseph Brown connected to party pills

Originally Posted by pentarbe View Post
The source of the money was identified as Stargate Corporation, a manufacturer of party pills.

He (THOMAS JOSEPH BROWN) provided services to Stargate Corporation and used the income for his personal living expenses without paying any tax. The total tax evaded was $119,000.
Not only did Thomas Joseph Brown please guilty to screwing the people of New Zealand out of his fair share of taxes while taking benefits, the money was coming from a company that makes "party pills".

What are these? Legal drugs that get kids high at parties? Is that what Thomas Joseph Brown is involved with behind the scenes?

Looks like the company is called "Stargate International" and it is all about creating legal crystal methamphetamine products but some have been deemed illegal.

So Thomas Joseph Brown works for a company that creates legal meth alternatives while accusing others of being on drugs!

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