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Exclamation Thomas Joseph Brown pleads GUILTY to Tax Evasion Sentenced to house arrest

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Tom Brown wants to comment here, but I will not approve another membership because of the trouble he caused here before. I told him he can email me his rebuttal and post it - I will post the rest of the emails to document the delusional state of mind that he is suffering from.

Thomas Joseph Brown Arrested for Tax Evasion in New Zealand? (BTW I was never arrested for tax evasion. The article you posted and misquoted was scanned and put online by myself, I have nothing to hide.)
As we all know, Thomas Joseph Brown outright lied to everyone by denying that he was arrested for tax evasion. Below is the latest - Thomas Joseph Brown pleaded guilty for tax evasion and has been sentenced to 9 months of house arrest. What makes it worse is that he has been milking the system for benefits, but didn't want to pay any taxes. What a lowlife scumbag!

Check this out: Bankrupt beneficiary evaded $119,000 in tax - Northern Advocate - Northern Advocate News

Bankrupt beneficiary evaded $119,000 in tax

By Imran Ali
10:43 AM Wednesday Dec 30, 2015

A bankrupted Northland man was not prepared to pay his fair share of tax but had no qualms receiving benefits from the government.

A bankrupted Northland man was not prepared to pay his fair share of tax but had no qualms receiving benefits from the government, a judge commented while sentencing the man to home detention.

Thomas Joseph Brown, 57, appeared in the Whangarei District Court for sentencing after pleading guilty part-way through his trial last month to charges of evading assessment or payment of income tax and GST. A court order prevented the Northern Advocate from publishing the fact he had pleaded guilty at the time.

Three others - Timothy Meredith, 46, Carol Karl, 51, Andrew Karl, 43 - were found guilty by a jury on similar charges. All are members of a group which utilises a Maori sovereignty element to resist the Inland Revenue Department. The scheme consists of a bank account in the name of Nga Uri Tupoto Incorporation through which income generated by the four is washed and no tax is paid by them or the incorporation.

Their income was deposited in the incorporation's account before the funds are transferred to their respective bank accounts by electronic transfer or cash.

In Brown's case, deposits of $325,450 were made into the incorporation's bank account between October 2010 and April 2011. The source of the money was identified as Stargate Corporation, a manufacturer of party pills. Further analysis of the incorporation's bank account indicated withdrawals of $235,000 were made over the same period and deposited into an ANZ Bank account called Aetherika Ahu Whenua Trust.

Brown is the sole signatory of that account.

He provided services to Stargate Corporation and used the income for his personal living expenses without paying any tax. The total tax evaded was $119,000. In court he presented a cheque for $10,000 to the IRD as a "goodwill gesture".

Judge Keith de Ridder said Brown, who received a disability allowance, acknowledged he should have thought through things better and was at a low risk of reoffending.

Despite being a man of considerable intelligence, he said Brown embarked upon a clear path of evading his responsibility of paying taxes.

Judge de Ridder said the benefit Brown received was funded by tax dollars, but he was not prepared to pay his share of taxes.

He made repeated spurious applications to tip over the trial and entered a guilty plea after being advised by senior lawyer Greg Bradford he had no defence.

Brown was sentenced to nine months' home detention. Brown was bankrupted in February 2011, Meredith has been a bankrupt since April 2008.

- Northern Advocate

By Imran Ali
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