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Islam=jihad=Isis has succeeded in making "THE NATIONS" of
the world very. ""And the nations were angry" and Thy wrath has

Big no no for ISIS, there will be no second chance or mercy for
those who need to murder in the name of a religion. The peoples
of the world will not allow this to go on.

It's a done did deal. The World Control Freaks will never miss the
target. THEY have spend years to rally these ISIS forces bent
on rape and murder for their wife beating gOd.

Oh they are making history, that is for sure.

Vengeance has now come to ISLAM. However scripture tells us
that only "SOME" of the Islamic nation will denounce this murdering
ideology and for those who escape it will be great mercy.

For those few I am over whelmed.

Isis thinking with their glands

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