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We (Matt Jones and I) recently obtained a CNC machine and a 3d printer. Both of these are at Matt's place. I recently obtained a SECOND 3d printer (the exact same one) and am currently putting it together. I have plans to purchase the same CNC machine also. That way, even though we are on opposite sides of the US, we can reproduce identical products.

The 3d printers can take quite a while to print an object. It'snot like a copy machine.

I may print my rotors, just because I want the slots in them, or I may just cut some the way I always have and use some other method to cut the slot. Not sure yet.

I am using TWO rotors because I am making them out of thinner plastic and using spacers between the two rotors. I need to hold the 1" magnets between the plastic. Rotors cut out of 1" plastic are just too expensive.
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