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Yes I think you are right about the hub being okay so i probably
won't be to concerned. Did I hear you right that you are in the process
of doing a 3D print job on a rotor?
I was looking at printers the other day and it said it printed 1" Square
per 3 hours. Is that how slow these things are?

I am also under the impression that because the material is almost
microscopic that parts are stronger with less flaws so cracking
or weak spots are not present. I don't know how true that is but
it does make sense.

I saw that post of John Bedini doing some 3D printing here lately.

The CNC seems like it would be faster and I think the prices are
almost the same? Or is a printer more costly? I see the laser CNC
machines for 3-4 thousand.

Both seem like a step in the right direction so parts can all be made
identically. Like the window motor or SSG and now maybe the MADMACK.
Are you saying that you are printing a MADMACK magnet motor rotor?

Then you said multiple rotors and I couldn't help but think of how in
some cases this might be a way to make it easier to balance the machine.
Once a 2 pole cell is functioning good the next cell could be put on the
second rotor and the third for a 6 pole motor.

Is that what you were thinking?
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