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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi Ufo,

Exactly. Movement of the coil or movement of the magnetic field; makes no difference to the Faraday relation. So back to my original question. If as Ken says, the magnetic field is not static, then why is there no voltage induced in the coil before you move it? Obviously it is in the magnetic field.




A Magnetic Polarized Vortex Field will not cause an EMF by having a coil also static, wrapped around it...just because it needs to have a forward movement over time, in order to generate a Gradient or a "Wave" to be transferred at different coil levels to the end terminals-destination point.

I can try to explain the above with two examples...both very similar.

One, you get a Drill with a bit on matter how long or how fast you spin it...IF You do not put at least some forward force (push) towards the metal or whatever material you are trying to drill, the drill bit will never penetrate the material.

The same thing for a sheet-metal or wood screw...if you do not press the screw driver or power driver you will not get the screw in.

Of course, above examples don't apply for Hammer-Drills tools or if there is already a hole to be made bigger or to screw it...

Magnetism is the same exact doesn't matter if it is spinning with the coil around it...the spinning will remain in the same levels (turns) of coil and repeat...and will never reach the end terminals, much less will show a signal on scope.

Now about the Video I uploaded on first page...I am not moving either magnet nor coil or copper conductors...however, when the iron approaches the magnet the Dielectric is displaced towards iron...and since the Dielectric Field is what generates the spatial polarization (pole) therefore, it also displaces the polarized end towards iron...and this is the required push force that "pumps" the wave forward...

If You noticed (as I also mention it) the total displacement was only around 5 mm or less.

In other words...a differential gradient (or a Wave Potential Variation) through Time/Space.

Hope you understand it now.


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