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Dual application of magnetic field.

Woppyjump's new video:

"Just a video to propose that the magnetic field of a pulsed inductor is created by the current of the power station, but once the magnetic field is created, if you use it to do work or not, it does not need more current".

Quote from Luc:

"Once a magnetic field is created in the coil and the switch is opened, we can use it's collapsing magnetic field (flyback) to create a second magnetic field to do more work. Many will say, the flyback does not contain as much energy as the initial input to the coil and therefore will make a weak magnetic field. This is true, if the second magnetic field enters a coil of the same value as the first. However, by using a higher impedance coil it can create as strong of a magnetic field as the first coil did since inductance is what will dictate the force of the magnetic field in the second coil".

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