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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi Ufo,

I'd like to revisit the moving body concept. I say the placement of the iron cylinder constitutes altering the magnetic flux pattern thru the coil even though the coil and magnet are stationary. If I understand you, you claim that the stationary coil and magnet rules out magnet induction as the cause of the observed voltage spike. Below is a motor (or generator) which operates on this same principle, ie. stationary magnet and coil and moving iron. The diagrams demonstrate the changing flux thru the coils. Is it not the same as your set up, only you have a simpler magnetic circuit with a much larger air gap?

Flux-Switching Permanent Magnets Machine´╗┐´╗┐ | Agros2D



That was the WRONG example to my set up, Bistander.

In the case of the reluctance motor or generator what that iron rotor does is to TRANSFER FLUX from one point to the other.

Iron Rotor is always SANDWICHED in between -at least- two to four magnetic fields. So there is REDIRECTION all the time from one to other field...Iron serves as a Switching Flux Bridge...

Try something else...
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