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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi Ufo,

So we agree there are millions of domains in your magnet, not just two, correct? Next step: Please clarify, do you believe all the South domains migrate to the red end of the magnet and all the North domains to the blue end?
Domains do not "migrate" as in "physically" displace/transport from one end to the other within the mass of the magnet...come on Bistander!

All this domains do is RE-ORIENT their magnetic polarization in a very fast "3D CHAIN REACTION", and that takes place in nano seconds...the iron molecules are all in the same exact place.

Or as I believe, that the magnetic material is essentially homogeneous down to the microscopic level and that the material in the red area is the same as the material in the blue area? And that on a microscopic investigation, it all looks the same, even the middle where you claim there is a wall. The middle is just like all the rest of the magnet.
You have to learn how to separate magnetic orientation from physical molecular mass even at microscopic levels.

For God sake...It is so simple! get a non magnetized iron bar, then you magnetize it by electrification in one way your DC energy you get a North and a South at each ends...NOW, REVERT the Electrification Process again...then, where you had a South, now you have a North...while all those iron particles are still in the same exact deformation, nor displacement of any particle has occurred!

The North and South poles (or Blue and Red) are just visualization aids to identify the direction of the field.
Ok..."direction of the field" Uh? is that "direction"?...a straight vector?...or a spiral CURLED VECTOR?...

So again, my point, there is nothing in the middle of the magnet different from the rest of the magnet. If you want to imagine an invisible dielectric inertial plane there, fine with me, but I see no value in it.


Davis-Rawls Scientific Investigations date back to 1936...:


What you are trying to deny above (The Existence of a Domain Wall in every center of a Magnet) NOT the main Topic of this Thread.

You are trying to deny a discovery that was made a very long time ago...and that many, many Books, Science Articles and else...have shown, developed and demonstrated all over.

Therefore, I am really sorry, because I liked your debate...However. I can not try to illustrate nor enlighten a knowledge you deliberately deny to accept. Unfortunately, by not accepting even a Domain Wall in the center of every magnet...I much less would expect you will start a logical debate about a much complex field like is a Dielectric Plane substituting/replacing what you don't believe it exists.

So, I believe you really should maintain like your name means: A Bistander on this Thread...

I am sorry but I have tried...
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