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Post ENLIGHTENED MAGNETISM (The Full Proof of Ken Wheeler's Theories)

Hello to All,


Above is just the First Part of a series of Videos I will be uploading in my YT Chanel...

I would ask to please, -basically from the skeptics end- before start writing negative opinions about my work to be displayed fully engage Your brains with your fingers...


Now, related to the Video Tests:

First notice that NO MOVING BODIES are present at any of the tests conducted.(Conductor(s) or Magnet) and that such motion (derivative of Time)from at least one of the bodies must be present in the typical Faraday-Maxwell-Lenz equations to obtain a Positive or Counter EMF from that type of Induction.

During all testing on above Video, the magnet and conductors/coils remain static by firmly attached to a very heavy piece of steel.

So, the displacement of the Dielectric Field is achieved simply by Attraction to Contact at the upper pole of the magnet from a solely -not winded, not magnetized- and loose piece of iron cylinder. Where Gravity and Attraction by dropping this cylinder on top is the only "effort" done to achieve this output measurement.

Now, if we all go to Page 91 from Ken Wheeler's book we read clearly:

Magnetism is dimensional, the dielectric is intradimensional, or in counterspace, and only when these two Ether fields move against each other over time is there electrification, which is the Ether in a modality of dynamic polarization.
Out of that statement above I will cite the most relevant part (in bold and underlined) that I have based all my Video testings:

ONLY when these two Ether fields move against each other over time is there electrification.

And by just making contact with a piece of ferromagnetic material volume to one of the magnet's poles, we are displacing this dielectric field, or moving it against the spatial polarity where the conductors are capturing the charges.

Concluding...That I am NOT moving either Magnet nor Conductor(s) during all the tests, therefore, there are NOT any "cutting" of any "Lines of Force" taking place.

At around 15:31 in TEST 7, I am showing what the Output Sinewave would look like if I move that same Coil related to the Magnet... shape and measurement difference is clearly observed compared to Dielectric displacement output.

The Results from all tests clearly demonstrates that conductors must be placed exactly at the levels where the displacement is taking place during the Interaction, meaning -for this particular case- from the Middle to the Top of the Magnet embodiment, in order to obtain the highest values, whether Negative or Positive outputs.

When conductors are placed either at middle or bottom levels of the magnet, is obtained a lower output, but primarily, we capture a "mixed" positive-negative values due to both polarization's being disturbed due to the inertial dielectric displacement.

Actually the "sufficient proof" of dielectric output measurement could have ended right at TEST 3 (10:53) with the last 1/4 inch copper ring...and the reason why I started testing "Spiral Type Structures" to notice the difference in gain, since we are only capturing one revolution of energy displacement with solid/single conductors volumes...and not several, like we observe as the higher number of turns coils are the point of lighting a small LED.


This final testing is so simple...that actually will need no explanation, after watching video.

The Vortex rotation of both polarization types or poles, versus the way we set our coils in either two ways...:

1- Following the same direction (Coil winding versus Spatial Field)...or

2- Following opposite directions between each others.

Where I do find an interesting result is when is used the same directions on both components (either CW-CW or CCW to CCW)...and the big difference in output obtained. And on this tests I have a loose spool of winded wires, which is so easy to reverse...BUT, when we are winding into the steel core of any electro-dynamic machine...there is not an "option" to take it off and reverse it that simple...

Concluding that there are some noticeable losses when both components are interacting opposite to each others.

I only hope that all this work will serve to enlighten others...and start understanding that the "Classic Magnetism" we have been taught is completely wrong and so far apart from reeality in every aspect we look at it. And as a result, all our designed Electrodynamic Machines will never be perfect unless we have full domain of this concepts.

Regards to All


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