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Bro Mikey and reality


Can I make a humble suggestion to you. You are wasting your time trying to have an intelligent discussion with Bro Mikey. You will get more intelligent responses from your pet donkey. Bro Mikey does not have the ability to discern truth from fantasy. If he can think it up then it must be true. Just put him on your ignore list like a lot of us have done and then move on and forget him.

I read an interesting article several years ago published by a university where they studied people that were always screwing up because they just couldn't seem to understand when they were wrong. The study found those people had a brain deformation that made it impossible for them to see when they were wrong. We actually had a guy in our department that matched those symptoms exactly. And it appears that Bro Mikey matches also.

You will only frustrate yourself trying to reason with Bro Mikey. Reason is something he can not understand.

Just because someone disagrees with you does NOT make them your enemy. We can disagree without attacking someone. This means YOU especially BroMikey.
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