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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Are you on the same planet? What does that have to do with what Heins said? Not a darn thing. He was talking about shaft power.

BTW, it looks like your PF is closer to 0.5 from that scope picture.

Also I need to add this, I spend all kinds of time and effort to get you
to see anything about the root work of Thanes and you come back
with a 2 liner blurb that shows your insolence and hatred for this
invention. You refuse to acknowledge anything other than what you
want to fit into your schools books.

This shows a half hearted response on your part. I am not surprised and
I am not speaking to you really, I am speaking to those who have every
intent on learning new things.

The scope shot that I have shown is only a few degrees away from 90
degrees. As I said I don't think you understand the depths of this work
so i say it to all. The transformer I am showing has a no load angle of
90 degrees. When I do this with a conventional transformer the voltage
and the current ride together.

To those who understand these ideas will be thrilled by these results.

Of course Thane has been saying all of these things years before I
got here and met with the same abstinence, nothing new.

The SERP's and the DYNAFLUX do the same thing. A 90 degree phase
angle is the ideal no load condition for reactive power generating devices.

Splitting hairs over what people think a scope is showing is irrelevant. It
is the principle of operation that should be taken note of for those who
do real experiments and are not satisfied with the University level status
quo dependency.

The Bi-Toroid work has been confirmed many times over by those who
are serious investigators. Those choosing to block this work becoming
stubborn and argumentative are free to do so but at the same time
have some sort of calculation to back themselves up by.

The Bi-toroidal calculations that are made are simple PF numbers. Anyone
thinking that the Gov/schools are right and that every thing is as it should
be because millions of smart people would have found free energy by now
are nothing more than brainwashed.

The existence of the EXTRA energy producing circuits and device riddle
the known world. Thane is one a many who has grown up and away from
the dogma through experimental experience.

I will show you a conventional transformer shot on the same scope and
the waves ride together, so how hard is that?

You have shown me BiStander that your intents. I am making a fool out
of myself trying to help someone who has never seen O U.

No more, you must help yourself first and you haven't done that.

You are a perfect example of most who hate the messenger because the
message is so simple that it makes the scientific world look stupid for
ever having miss the obvious.

When they say they are the ultimate authority on the power to reason.

Reasoning does not take the place of experimentation, reason only
attempts to explain the explainable. Most of the time the reasoning
comes later after many years of operation, as we see with the

In this case a rotary Bi-toroidal generator.

Now, here is a scope shot using the same scope for a conventional
transformer. Very significant for anyone who really deals with the numbers.

I am not interested in peer pressure driven responses.


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