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Get real

Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Mr Thane is wrong? Please no.

Here let me show you my scope shot, oh and about all your other
entries? Yes 2+2=4 and 4+4=8 and so on but really all of you guys
are the same when it comes to parroting the programmed hog
slop, of course college level.

It is so hilarious to watch the school boys all say the same thing.

But yes you are right so keep trying and you will get it after while
if you stay open to invention. Inventors always invent something
that is a big shock at first, then it will catch on.

If you want to have a motor generator go OU then you need to
pump energy in the form of reactive power. I know this goes against
the school boy wet dream that the world is one big happy family
and surely all that you were taught comes from wonderful people/
control freaks that have your own best interest in mind, thus your
higher learning. Sorry I am laughing

Why am I always the one who keeps spoiling the fun?LOL

Take it or leave it, we were not told the truth in school.

On the other hand the big bad university that Thane worked at
put his things out to the dumpster area after Thane had given many
years of faithful service, all because they felt like you DO.

Sorry about the chuckling man it's just so comical to see
people look right over Thanes discovery just because it is
embarrassing to admit all that had paid for in the colleges
is wrong. Well not the 2+2=4 part that is okay

Sorry about the laughing guy he is having the time of his life
and is not meant to make anyone sad.

Okay let's get on with it.

This is my bi-toroidal transformer scope shot on the $20,000 HP scope
it shows a current and voltage waveform that is approx 78 degrees out
of phase.

Cos of 78 degrees is .20 so when I send 3 watts into the primary at
60hz then tune the secondaries output I get 2 watts out. But what
people miss is that my 3 watt input is mostly reactive power, not real power.

So my primary is only burning 3 watts X .20 = . 6 watts yet on the output
I can tune for 1.5- 2 watts real power in the form of a resistive load.

You have to be able to calculate PF and first know what the phase
angle is on any transformer. A standard transformer burns up 95 percent
real power sent to the primary under load.

Do you understand the engineering PF calculations?

I try to stay at 75-85 degrees on my phase angle.
Are you on the same planet? What does that have to do with what Heins said? Not a darn thing. He was talking about shaft power.

BTW, it looks like your PF is closer to 0.5 from that scope picture.

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