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Originally Posted by Dwane View Post
It might pay to watch the Kromrey Convertor video that John Bedini produced. There are two important issues that have to be personally resolved. These are: 1) Why does John Bedini show a drawing of the low impedance wiring diagram that he used to solve the issues that faced Raymond Kromrey when designing his machine; 2) how would you use that information to help accelerate the rotor motion. Then it might pay to look at the development of the SG principle.

The Kromrey Machine is simpler to get working than you think.


I built one a while back actually! I have seen the Bedini video several times. I published a video showing my unit and how it was not working satisfactorily. It is not as easy to make work as you might think. Tuning in to ferroresonance appears to be absolutely key to the production of cold electricity, and the coil must have a certain impedance and resonant tank frequency to extract the energy from the coil efficiently. I wound about a dozen different coil configurations and none of them worked satisfactorily at the time. I believe the reason he used a "low impedance coil" is because the role of the bifilar is to saturate the core with the innermost winding and capture the collapsing time reversed E field as efficiently as possible. I was posting about ferroresonance because I recently came across Hector Peres Torres of ARK Research's work in which he clearly demonstrates that cold electricity can be produced by a properly constructed ferreresonant LC network. Gabriel Kron also demonstrated this with his negative resistor.
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