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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi Hob,

You can't argue with Power = Torque * Rotational Velocity (frequency or RPM), can you? Then my post #3 stands. I disagree with how you relate your paper to dynamos. If you were correct, then motors would tend to be very slow machines and generators be very fast machines which is clearly not the case in practice.

You are the one putting forth the hypothesis; the burden of proof is yours. My experience tells me that your second quote in my post #5 is an invalid conclusion drawn from what may be a completely valid paper. I am not arguing the paper.* edit: I just rechecked your paper and see that the paragraph to which I object is in fact included as 5. Conclusion. So I guess I do take issue with your paper.


Have you noticed that the torque to power ratio differ between different motors?
That the ratio gets higher as the motor gets bigger?
Do you agree that its beneficial to have a motor with high torque to power ratio?
Do you agree that its beneficial to have a generator with low torque to power ratio?

Hob Nilre
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