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Increasing Electromagnet Force

We have a new paper out, its the 5th and its called "Increasing Electromagnet Force".

It focus on the force per power ratio in coils.

Since the concept of an electromagnet is present in both motors and generators we find it interesting to study the relationship between the parameters describing the electrical power the coil consumes and the mechanical force with which the coil attracts a piece of ferromagnetic material or a magnet.

The amount of copper in an electromagnet determines the force per power ratio, not the number of turns or the wire thickness in the coil, the more copper the greater force.

To get the best performance in an electromagnet it should be as big as possible, which leads us to believe that motors should have as few and big coils as possible (think Joseph Newman) to increase torque per power. We also believe that the reverse is true, that generators should have as many and small coils as possible to decrease torque per power.

You can find all papers here:

Hob Nilre
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