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Originally Posted by Ajay View Post
Ferro resonance is achieved in a coil core when the magnetic waves in the core reach a frequency which interacts with the crystalline molecular structure of the ferromagnetic material. An audible noise is heard as the cores begin to ring. This causes harmonic distortion and overvoltage surges which are seemingly unpredictable. However, when you have a high Q factor coil with a certain self resonant frequency which is harmonically related to the ferreresonant core, a strange phenomenon manifests itself. This is the phenomenon of cold electricity. The Kromrey needs the correct amount of magnetic flux and the correct DUTY CYCLE to stimulate the core and coil in to resonance simultaneously. The bifilar windings are used to saturate the core at n potential with the innermost winding and recover the collapsing field with the other unused windings. This description is my own according to the research and writings of Hector Peres Torres of ARK Research.
It might pay to watch the Kromrey Convertor video that John Bedini produced. There are two important issues that have to be personally resolved. These are: 1) Why does John Bedini show a drawing of the low impedance wiring diagram that he used to solve the issues that faced Raymond Kromrey when designing his machine; 2) how would you use that information to help accelerate the rotor motion. Then it might pay to look at the development of the SG principle.

The Kromrey Machine is simpler to get working than you think.


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