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Originally Posted by maddriver View Post
Hey guys
I have a small farm. I receive huge bills for the electricity. What are the easiest ways to reduce the energy consumption? I do not have solar panels.
The best our official have for extra energy other than the current
hydroelectric plant, nuclear is to build one of these. They only run
$80 thousand on up to a half a mil.

This one is more but shows the basic structure of industrial grade
wind harvesting. When somebody does come up with a cheaper
source we will let you know where we buried them so the rest
can tremble in fear for the next decade.

If you have a stream? You could do a tiny plant for little stuff.

Paddles in the water or paddles in the air is about all we have for
now sorry. Who knows though, maybe one of the UFO's that the
government flies around will stop and give us some hints.

We see the farms here in Kansas trying the wind thing and the
brand new one are always broke off on their wings. When the wind
blows they must be turned off. Otherwise only a 7-10 mile an
hour wind is allowed. At 15 MPH the wind hold 4X energy so they
design machines that won't handle that. At 22mph the energy is 8X
energy. Very few turbines permit a 22MPH wind so shut down is


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