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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Your goal is to trick, drive a wedge, send out condescending messages

you are a crippled person or should I say very bitter and high minded.

All of your messages are well thought out ways to twist the words
of any post you are using to make your point. You are a miracle
worker when it comes to contrivances in speech to manipulate
your stoolies.

You are the only one that thinks what you do with others words
is hidden. Your desire to use words to divide and conquer for a
highminded purpose are clear to most.

Zero spends thousands upon thousands with no end in sight like
pouring cheat through a tin horn with no practical working OU.

All of his video's that validate any claim are left on a worthless
note of either not being cost effective or just plain silly.

What he is about is hidden in plain sight "ZERO" and that is all
ZERO will ever show us. He has given up because he must tickle
the ears of his stoolies.

Any serious researcher is after a clean effective way to produce
an alternate form of energy and does not jump all over like a
grasshopper dropping 10's of thousands for fun.

Zero has been at it for 10-20 years and will never find a practical
source of energy other than solar or wind. He can't help that he
is like that. He is not a true researcher. He is a man with 100's
of thousands to thrown around while he says I told ya so.

It don't work. ZERO.

Never mind all of that here watch the big boys.

These video's are > 1 year old. I checked his Facebook to see the end of the story and the celebration of the succes.
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