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Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
Looks like more evolved QEG concept. You can replicate it ONLY if you have special grade nano-coatings...which can be bought only from Keshe.
No, you make them from old copper wire. Look at the TUBE video's
"GaNs" "nano coatings" lots of people are getting at it for practically

Now I don't know if it works but it is a cheap enough experiment to
test Keshe work.

I was just watching a video where the guy made some of that green
goo (GaNs) and he rolled some it up on metal foils and now he has
a nice battery.

The passive reactor was just set up. Electrodes are made of copper wires having half of their length nano coated by steam of aqueous NaOH solution in a polypropylene box, and the other half etched in acid, then thoroughly rinsed in water. The solution consists of water solution of salts found in the nature. Main salts used are NaCl and Mg2SO4, Some potassium salts ant some trace minerals are also present in a small quantity. The system weights 2119 grams on July 21, 2014.


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