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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
If you all saw the Keshe seminar remember how even the very educated in the group had to be continually corrected? Keshe kept saying this is
not done with current?
Shall we connect an (milli-)ampmeter between the copper and zinc plate? and then discuss who needs to be corrected?

Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
And Zero sort of made fun by saying he wasn't surprised that a certain
compound was not formed because there was no current?

As if current could be the only way to get the job done so Keshe
was put in the light as a liar by Zero as he chuckles.
So Zero can only be trusted if he doesn't laugh or makes jokes about those ludicrous ideas?
Come on! That at least shows that there is something going on inside his head.
You have very strong feelings against our modern education system and on many points I would share those. But to be led by those emotions into accepting anything and everything that is outside of what they teach, that goes a bit too far for me.
There are things that you learn at school that are actually true, and there are things that are not exactly true but will nevertheless predict the correct outcome.

Back to Mr. Zero,... There are hundreds of OU-claims, most of them not true. So it is very easy to pick ten or twenty and show they don't work. You can not blame Zero for that.
I like this man because of the way he does things. And if you don't like his results, tell him what he did wrong!

When I get energy from my magnifying transmitter I hope to see many people like him!
Sceptical, laughing, making jokes, but also trying their very best to replicate my results.
And then we will see who is laughing in the end.

The Keshe plans hold a number of undefined points on which he can always blame the fact that some replication does not work.
- Did you pray before you started?
- how did you pray and to whom?
- did you send good intentions to it?
(How on Earth do you send good intentions to a machine? By mail? e-mail? Does it have some interface where you can drop your intentions? ???? )
Keshe can always come to inspect your replica and say "I see that you or someone else send bad intentions to it.... verrrrrrry bad intentions...... the whole thing is ruined"

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