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If you all saw the Keshe seminar remember how even the very educated
in the group had to be continually corrected? Keshe kept saying this is
not done with current?

And Zero sort of made fun by saying he wasn't surprised that a certain
compound was not formed because there was no current?

As if current could be the only way to get the job done so Keshe
was put in the light as a liar by Zero as he chuckles.

The belly ache I get when I listen to ZERO does not stem from the
Keshe video although this video did not help my tum tum at all.

I don't trust the myth busters either. To me ZERO is the same thing
always showing a similitude of another mans invention and always
coming up short of the effect while injecting all kinds of comical

The guy has multiplied thousands tied up in throw away "TOYS" as
many would refer to these devices as. Rightfully so, most would
say "If Zero can't do it with his piles of money why should I try?"

It is just another form of mind control and that is why my intestinal has
formed a massive abdominal rumble when I watch his 6th grade experiments. I guess my stomach problem just moved
to the lower section. In other words a sick feeling when I watch him.

The effect is right in front of him many times and brushes right over
it because he knows what his fans want to hear.

He doesn't know any better and after telling the people what they want
to hear long enough I suppose they send him $$$ Maybe some
of his old university buddies.

This guy has great wealth, and our free energy quest is suppose to
easy the burden on those who are taken for granted/pushed around
not flushed down the stool by the thousands week after week and year
after year.

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