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Video Title #421 Keshe Plasma Reactors up & running!

Its in Zero's tittle

#421 Keshe Plasma Reactors up & running!

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** 10/30/2015 After numerous troubles keeping the reactors balanced and sealed from fluid leakage I have decided to redesign them slightly. I'm so confident the new design will hold up well that I posted it to Thingiverse at Keshe Plasma Reactor sphere 40mm by ZeroFossilFuel - Thingiverse I am now also going to electroplate the interiors with about 0.5mm thickness copper then nano coat them with the caustic method, PRECISELY conforming to the original design. While my copper vapor deposition looked cool, it may not have the correct properties. This will be a 100% authentic replication with no deviation. Sourcing the electroplating materials now. Should be a few more days before they arrive and a couple of weeks before they are back in service.

I believe Zero is doing his absolute best to investigate this claim.
and I am certain all reading here applaud his efforts.

To @Ben
your Quote
"did you see Zero's website"
end Quote
Do you see Zero doing a tried and true replication to the best of his ability ?
you have posted old quotes not current events.

this replication is his most recent take on Keshe and is quite sincere and unbiased .
and in My opinion would qualify as a good independent 3rd party claim of this work [I just hope he's "believing" while he builds !:'}]

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