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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
YEA!!!!!!!!! IT WORKS, IT WORKS!!!!! Thanks Ramset

What is it?

That guy calls the "SSG" a fraud
Did you check Zero's website?News and current events for Alternative Energy research by Zero Fossil Fuel - Hydrogen, Solar, Wind
this is what he writes:

Is Mr. Keshe everything that he claims? Does he really have and understand technologies that will completely transform humanity as he is boldly claiming? Or is he vying to become one of the greatest bull****ters of all time? Or even worse, a wolf in sheeps clothing?

I am certain people here are going to criticize me for making this comment. It will likely also be edited (if not discarded altogether) by the forum censors. And so, if this post does end up being censored or discarded, let it be known that there are people here who have had enough of nothing more than lip service and excuses.

There is no doubt that Mr. Keshe is a very intelligent man. He is also a marvellous philosopher. We all want to believe what he is preaching and that the technologies he is claiming actually exist. However, his talents and philosophies also make him perfectly suited to be the ultimate conman for those who desire what he preaches so deeply that they will believe anyone making such bold claims.

The fact remains, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. And the fact is, we have yet to see any evidence that his technology actually exists, let alone incontrovertible evidence. We also have not seen any working replications of his designs as he claims have been made by groups around the globe. Why would they not come forward? I certainly would. All we have is the word of an Iranian citizen who set up his base of operations in Belgium, who has stated he has no interest in dual citizenship, distributing his "technology" via USB sticks to foreign embassies.

Suppose for a moment that this man is sympathetic to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Do you suppose that Ahmadinejad has forgotten the way viruses were planted in computers used at his uranium enrichment facilities for the production of nuclear weapons, crippling them for a time? Can you think of any better way to exact revenge than to get nations around the globe to accept USB devices with as yet unknown, and therefore undetectable trojan payloads triggered at his command, distributed by an honest and trustworthy figure such as our Mr. Keshe here?

First and foremost, I would urge any embassy that has accepted this "gift" to treat it as they would any time bomb. Secondly, I am tired of words. It is time for Mr. Keshe to put up or shut up. Fish or cut bait. Piss or get off the pot. Or any number of other colourful phrases that may apply.

Peace and good will to all men.


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