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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
Every reference to "nano" on that page refers to size, scale or unit of measurement. What is it that I'm supposed to have missed?

You have completely missed the point of what I said. The ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, who invented the symbol, did not worship it as a Swastika. The Nazis (re)named it a Swastika after twisting the image and now you are continuing to call it a Swastika. The Nazis didn't invent it and it is not a Swastika. Not every car is a Ford.

As for

Again you have missed the point. You are the one who came here. I did not go searching for you. If you don't want to be bugged then go away and stop trying to provoke a response.

It's a method of analysis. Each quadrant is 90 degrees of a whole cycle. + grows then decays, - grows then decays. 4 quadrants.

^^^^ I appreciate the analysis but everything you wrote is actually nullified by the archaic 'S' word that ye ELectrical N-gineers do not like to use ... why I have no idea.

YOU didn't think I knew about what ye just dispensed?

PhDUH I got into the head of our ancestors and realized a big AHA that has been lost on all of ye 21st century Eric Dollard clones ...

dude your work is remedial for a fella like ME+me
don't you get it?
^^^ this is why, this link I offer is a paper written in 2007, and it is further evidence of a recovery of an idea called Vastu going back about 13,000+ years.

the swastika and the square wave and the triangular wave and the SINe wave is an idea going back thousands of years ... why do ye have a problem understanding that?

So the claim goes ... Vastu and Vaastu are the foundation of the Vedas and Buddhism etc.

Go to Chapter 2 start reading on page 14 of the document ... by the time you get to page 17 you will start to realize why I think ye sheeple are BLIND to the obvious sir ... also read Appendix A and when ye come back I have lesson 2 prepared.
How to go about turning the 'S'word into +

yes in fact it is a fact that the facts speak for themselves and it is also a fact that I am in fact a messenger sent with facts ...

one day ye folks will RESPECT what it is I AM offering to help design a BETTER working 4-quadrant model

till then it will be business as usual ... and yes ME+me can bury Eric Dollard clones on this forum with wise guys who are far smarter than each and every one of ye, genius dead and alive with patents to their name too who support this idea eternal idea that I am trying to share with ye ELectric Universe Thunderbolt dunderheads.

have a nice day ...

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