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Dear Dwane,

I don't follow what you are trying to do with the kiln. If you are trying to create black sand, it won't work.

Are these bolts normal mild steel ones? If so, they are not as recommended by JB. If you ring up a supplier of goods for gas welding, maybe suppliers of bottled gas, they should be able to put you on to welding rods. The suggested types are R45 or R60. They are not steel but iron and handle magnetism quite differently. Then cut them to length and bundle them up to get your diameter. (I think it is recommended that they are varnished or painted in gloss paint to provide electrical insulation and thereby reduce eddy currents with their associated losses and heat problems.

You may be able to find iron by another method but it is difficult. (Sometimes iron is used by architects for foundations because it is rust resistant). Much wrought iron is nothing of the sort; it is wrought steel and sold as wrought iron.

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